Vistage Malta team.
Real experience fosters
real growth.

Vistage Malta Team

Real experience fosters real leadership.

Vistage Malta is an executive coaching organisation that has assembled an experienced management team with a wide range of achievements in different industries and professions.

Nathan Farrugia, Founder & Owner

Daphne Grech Cumbo, Manager

Desiree Perez, Senior Executive Coach

Daniel Walters, Business Development

Nathan Farrugia, Founder/Owner

Nathan Farrugia is the founder and owner of Vistage Malta, formally the Academy for Chief Executives (Malta) and has over 20 years of senior leadership experience. He has been a chair of Vistage and ACE for 5 years.

Nathan was a member of the group for 5 years before taking over the business. As CEO of the country’s largest non-profit organisation, he benefitted immensely from his membership with Vistage. With the help of the advisory board sessions he grew his organisation significantly, making a national impact on the social sector.

Nathan now runs a leading executive coaching business, an events company and a social enterprise that employs persons with a disability. He is a director on a number of non-profit and government agencies, perviously chair of the Paralympic Movement, The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and other advisory positions. His coaching client list includes many of Malta’s leading CEOs and Business owners. Nathan is a record breaking endurance athlete, philanthropist, TEDx speaker and author. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Malta and a Master of Business Administration from the Strathclyde Graduate Business School.

Daphne Grech Cumbo, Manager

Daphne manages and coordinates the groups that form part of Vistage Malta. Her primary role is to ensure Vistage Malta continues to align with its mission: To Increase the Effectiveness and Enhance the Lives of Chief Executives. Daphne focuses her efforts on hiring and developing Vistage members as well as hiring all the international speakers for our Vistage events. She values business and personal development and works to provide continued education to the members of Vistage.

Prior to working at Vistage, Daphne worked and led teams in the travel and hospitality sector, events management and marketing. Her supportive role within Vistage Malta ensures that all our venues, members and speakers gain the maximum value from their participation.



Desiree Perez, Senior Executive Coach 

Desiree Perez is a Certified Professional Leadership and Career Development Coach with an international client base of highly motivated professionals who are looking to reach their next level of personal development and success.

Through her proven strategies and unique methodology, Desiree helps clients create new routines, break old habits and thought patterns, and make decisions that are in alignment with their authentic selves. She is dedicated to preserving the integrity of individuals and organisations and knows how to help leaders see the spectrum of opportunities–even during the toughest challenges.

As a result, her clients see improved performance, refine their leadership skills, peel back the layers to reveal their own unique style, and live a more balanced lifestyle.  She takes pride in tailoring her services to meet the individual needs of her clients. Desiree believes that working out of a place of one’s values allows for more authentic interactions, a more focused path towards achieving goals, and a stronger sense of purpose.


Daniel Walters, Business Development

Daniel joined Vistage Malta team in 2018 and is developing himself as an executive coach while supporting the growth of the company through business development and marketing initiatives.

Daniel actively participates in board sessions of the Executive group and provides a valid contribution through coaching questions. He also supports the administrative aspect of the business and supports Daphne’s coordinating efforts.

In previous roles, Daniel has experience in sales, customer relations and business development, and is a trainer in our sister company UP Ltd.