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Vistage works, and the proof is in the professional successes and personal achievements of our members. These CEOs and business owners demonstrate time and again the meaning of the Vistage platform: a powerful competitive edge, strong and sustainable growth, smarter decision-making, extraordinary business results.

Our members hail from diverse industries and geographies, yet they share a common experience when interacting with Vistage Chairs, peer advisory groups and our global network. They find a powerful community who equips and inspires them to grow their businesses — and themselves.

“One of the benefits of Vistage is the ability to have a diverse group with no competing interests. We might ask each other difficult questions, but that is so we can offer help and all think deeply about what we need.”

Chris Cordaro
CEO Regent Atlantic Wealth Management

Small business coaching program

The challenges small business leaders face are anything but small

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No fluff. Just real issues and real results.

Imagine the power of leveraging the experience of other small business leaders with a diverse range of industries and backgroundds in a private intimate setting.

Small business coaching program benefits at glance

  • Problem-solving sessions with a peer team of chief executives, presidents and business owners
  • Monthly in-person leadership coaching session with a Vistage Chair, an unparalleled resource for the small business owner
  • Profesionally facilitated peer groups with a seasoned Vistage Chair
  • Up to 4 annual, small-group workshop led by Vistage expert speakers
  • Connectivity resources, including an online best practices library, webinars and member conferences
  • Access to the Vistage global community of more than 21,000 business leaders

Meet small business owner Brit Barber

Brit Barber is the designer and owner at Beach Candy Swimwear. Following in her father’s footsteps, Brit joined Vistage. This was the first step in realizing her goal of growing her California storefront into a global brand.

See how Vistage is helping Brit spend time ON her business, not IN her business.

Take a fresh look

Innovative ideas and creative approaches are critical to helping small businesses overcome fierce competition, modest budgets and unexpected issues. Get the management consulting expertise to tackle challenges head on, break through restraints and put groundbreaking small business consulting ideas into action with confidence – ultimately improving your decisions and business results.

Learn from small business peers

Get feedback on your toughest decisions from the small business leader’s most effective sounding board — fellow leaders who have met and overcome the same challenges. The Small Business Program provides you with information, perspective, and sound advice to see beyond the day-to-day operations and focus on what’s truly critical — the strategic decisions that will grow your business.

About our small business coaches

Vistage Chairs are experienced business leaders, and often former CEOs, who assemble and facilitate private advisory boards for CEOs, executives and business owners. During monthly meetings, they provide one-on-one coaching, valuable professional insight and mentorship. This results in an average member tenure of seven years. According to a 2015 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data, their companies grow at three times the rate of average US companies.

CEOs make decisions. Vistage helps you make smarter ones.

Learn how you can tap the experience and impartial advice of exceptional business leaders to drive outstanding results for your company. If you a qualify, a Vistage respresentative will contact you.

Jay Steinfeld

“Everyone I’ve recommended to join Vistage can benchmark our joining Vistage as the beginning of marked improvements in each of our companies’ profitability and upward trends. Now, not being in Vistage would be risky.”

“Vistage builds leaders. It is impactful, and we get better every month with every meeting. For me, and so many others, it has been the difference that makes a difference.”

– Jefferey Dudan
CEO, AdvantaClean

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“Seven years ago I took over my family’s chemical manufacturing business and found it teetering on the edge of operational and financial collapse. Today we are a strong, vibrant and profitable company. This turnaround would not have been possible without the support, advice and training provided by my Vistage Chair and group members. We literally owe Vistage our life!”

– Kate Donahue
President, Hampford Research

Vistage members grow their businesses 3x faster than average U.S. companies.

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Business growth requires making decisions. Complex. Rapid. Make-or-break.

Enter Vistage, the world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization. Designed

exclusively for CEOs, business owners and key executives. Combining the most comprehensive services,

resources and a network of more than 21,000 expert leaders.

Our member get the competitive edge.

Key Benefits of Vistage

Better Insights
Better Leadership
Better Decisions
Better Results

21,000+ members worldwide
60+ years in business

How It Works

Access the most comprehensive suite of services, resources and experts on the issues that matter to you.

Exclusive, confidential peer advisory boards

Execute coaching from an accomplished business leader

World-class speakers who challenge your thinking

Trusted community offering reliable advice

What Our Members Say

"There where so many decisions that I had to
make in the middle of the recession. ...Vistage,
my CEO coach and my group helped me. Little by
little things began toturn around. We went from
$900,000 to $30.5M this past year."
Pam Jung
CEO of Workforce Solutions Group
Member Since 2007

New From Vistage Research

Performance Managment:

Learn how top-performing executives address critical performance issues and motivate their teams.


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CEOs make decisions. Vistage helps you make smarter ones.

Learn how you can tap the experience and impartial advice of exceptional business leaders to drive outstanding results for your company. If you a qualify, a Vistage respresentative will contact you.